Supervisory Management of the Foundation
The supervisory management of the William G. Kerckhoff Foundation is the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board, the members of which work in an honorary capacity. Whereby the Board of Trustees decide over functionality and the financial assets of the foundation, it is the Foundation Board that manages the current business and represents the foundation externally.

As defined in the foundation’s constitution, the members of the Board of Trustees comprises of offspring of the Kerckhoff family, members of the Hessian Ministry for Finance and Economics, members of the Max Planck Institute and Hessian universities as well as of representatives from the economy and media.

Current they are:

1) BOHL, Friedrich 2) DAMM, Elmar
Federal Minister, retired MinDirig
Chairman Hessian Ministry for Finance,
Von Behring-Roentgen Foundation, Marburg Wiesbaden
3) SNOWDON, Rod 4) GERHARDT, Wolfgang
Prof. Dr. Dr.
Giessen University Chairman
Institute for Plant Production Culture I Fr. Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Potsdam
5) GOETTE, Dieter 6) HAEUSER, Armin
Dr. Mayor of Bad Nauheim
Basilea Pharmaceutica AG, Basel
7) KERCKHOFF YOUNG JR., William 8) LEDER, Matthias
Ph.D., MRSC Dr.
Medicines Research Centre IHK Giessen-Friedberg
GlaxoSmithKline, UK Managing Director
9) LEONHARD, Joachim-Felix 10) MATTIG, Ulrike
Prof. Dr. Dr.
Chairman of the board of trustees Hessian Ministry
Schader Stiftung for Science and Art
11) McLAIN, Ann 12) SCHMIED, Wilfried
Los Angeles District President, retired
13) WESTPHAL, Martin 14) WIENRICH, Marion
Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr.
Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma
Global Medical & Clinical Affairs
Fresenius Kabi (D) GmbH, Bad Homburg
GmbH & Co. KG Ingelheim

The foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of two members appointed by the Board of Trustees, one member appointed by the Hessian Finance Minister as well as the Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute:

1) Schmied, Wilfried
2) Braun, Thomas Deputy Chairman
Prof. Dr. Dr.
MPI Bad Nauheim
3) Remmele, Volker
Bank Manager, retired
4) Kraulich, Patrik
Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary
Hessian Ministry for Finance
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